Monday, August 31, 2009

Push Has Come To Shove

Never before in the two hundred and thirty three year history of the Republic have we faced as great a threat to our individual freedoms as that which is Obama. He has sought not only to co-opt a huge segment of the economic capacity of this nation through the government seizure of the banking and automotive industry, but now he and his fellow leaches on the national wealth seek to annex an even larger segment of the nation’s identity. The proposed government takeover of the health care system represents a direct threat to the individual sovereignty of each and every productive member of this Nation. These shackles, once bound may never again be broken, forever condemning us, the producer, to the same fate as that of the mindless slave. Nothing need be said about the manner in which this proposed confiscation has been received by my fellow patriots, for if one only lends his ear to the wind their voices can be heard above the din of the rabble who clamor for the blood and sweat of our toil. “Just one more piece of flesh, and we shall feast no more” our adversaries bellow, all the while they hone their blades in anticipation of the next meal delivered by the hands of governmental blackmail and faux crisis. Our response has shocked our antagonist to the core, who, assuming that we, once again, would roll over and accept the financial rape we have tolerated again, again, and once more again, instead have risen up in open and direct defiance of the dictates from Washington. We have defied their expectations of being easy fodder for their rhetorical cannons, though aimed directly at the minds of the uninformed and sycophants, we have gallantly and courageously charged headlong to challenge. Through the efforts of the individual, the collective has begun to recoil under our actions and efforts. At last the momentous day has arrived when the great struggle for the soul of this nation has been joined and the actions of the statist have called to the mat and confronted. Finally the individual is beginning to scale the ramparts of despotism, and the fire in his eyes is unmistakable, for it represents the desire for freedom, the greatest motivation man has ever known.

Despite failing numbers in the various polls and the turn of public opinion against their position the struggle is not over, nay it has only begun. Years lie before us until we can rest in the assurance that our freedom is secure and we can again return our focus on the more mundane pursuits of everyday life. Our enemy is ravenous in its hunger for power and control, shredding the constitution without flinching as they assault the intelligence of the citizenry and the sanctity of their institutions. The counter attack will be upon us soon. In the bat of an eye they will most assuredly unleash a media barrage the likes of which has never been witnessed throughout our existence. The control of the health care system is paramount to their desire to dictate every facet of our lives, for through their conquest they will have the means to force their will upon all of us in the guise of the “common good.” As a result their attacks will be vicious, holding nothing in reserve in their quest with accusations of insensitivity, lack of compassion, and racism heaped upon their detractors. In their efforts to bind us all together under the yoke of government control one can fully expect to see the fetid bloated corps of that murderous sot Kennedy brought forth from the grave and paraded about in an effort to generate sympathy for that cause lost till the end of his days. “Win it for ‘ole Teddy” they shall screech, intoning the image of martyr for the cause once more upon the family name in hopes of again conjuring up the fraudulent illusion of what they once, so long ago, treacherously christened “Camelot.” They shall rest at nothing in their attempts to dissuade the public and swindle those lacking the will or faculties to resist. They shall prey on the week and infirmed, casting them as victims of the capitalist system in the drama skillfully crafted by the charlatans who endeavor to steal from your pockets and subjugate your soul.

Therefore we must not relent in our struggle. Not for one moment can we allow them to catch their breath as they attempt to impugn the truth of our words and force of our actions through their lies, omissions, and misrepresentations. We must brace ourselves for the weight of their onslaught and be prepared to bear the burden that falls on us as it has all defenders of liberty that have come before. Just as they have stood up to the despots of their day, so must we stand against those who seek to cast the republic down into the morass of slavery that is socialism. Our rhetoric must be incendiary and unrelenting; our voices must be loud and clear as we squeeze the truth from the rotting fruit of lies. Even though we did not go seeking a confrontation with our government events have lead us to this current state where the task of defending liberty and individual freedom has fallen to us. Now is the time to stand and fight against their withering onslaught. Now is the time to face their fire without flinching. Now is the time when all patriots must stand up to their government and say “no more! You have taken enough already.” Now is the time when push has finally come to shove. Defend liberty as if you were defending your life, for without freedom, life is nothing but slavery, and slavery is no way to live.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Malicious Intent – Obama and The Crisis of Fear

“Of how many a man may it not be said that hope made a fool of him until he danced into the arms of death!”
- Arthur Schopenhauer

Are we to believe that Obama is quite as dim-witted as he might appear to be on the surface? Can we attribute every foolish decision, every stale rehashed notion that might enter that sorry excuse for a mind to the simple lack of understanding and appreciation for principals, especially those within the realm of economics, already proven to be true? No, although he falls well short of the omniscience ascribed to him by those truly senseless fools eternally plagued by a clouded perception of reality, who have to this point so vehemently support their savior, he does possess some, all be it marginal, capacity for reasoned thought. When one accepts this fact he is then confronted with the question of why he continues to propose and enact policy that has had such a detrimental effect on the national economy and the underlying psychology of the markets. If he is truly honest and straightforward with the American people, as he so often claims is his intent, then why can he not come forth and describe in detail the ultimate goals that motivates and drives him in his decision making process? The answer is quite simple when one looks past the petty sophistry relentlessly practiced by this administration and in turn parroted constantly by those willing to carry his water in the media. The whole act is intentionally designed to destroy confidence in the capitalist system in order to foist the same old decayed philosophy of collectivism on the shoulders of the American people, more specifically the creators of wealth.

When the actions of the current administration are viewed from the perspective of the end result the deduction must be made that either Obama and his clan do not care a whit for the producers upon whose shoulders rests the viability of the national economy or his sole intent is to punish those who produce and condemn them to the same fate as those who ravenously consume the fruits of their labor. In either case one arrives at the conclusion that there is an organized attempt to transfer wealth from the producer to the consumer whether it be through depreciation of their investments or the blatant confiscation of their wealth my means of confiscation through confiscatory tax policies. These are not actions that happen to appear by some magical process that conjures them from the ether. No, they are all part of a predetermined course of actions initiated well before the recent election intended to fracture the foundation of the capitalist system and provide an excuse to supplant the natural order with some monstrosity envisaged by the fraudulent minds polluted by a faulty philosophy that has long sense been proven deficient.

As of yet we are prevented from arriving at any positive conclusion that allows us to determine whether the nature of Obama’s intent be malicious or the product of an ill developed intellect the fact remains that every action put forth by this administration has resulted in further decay in the economic stability and viability of this nation and the prolonged suffering of a sizable portion of its citizenry. I am of the opinion that we have not arrived at our current situation by mere chance and that (and here I run the risk of adopting the prose and tone of the conspiracy theorist) policy decision here to fore have been made with the conscious intent of harming the producers to the point that they are willing to accept any solution, no mater how repugnant to their personal philosophies, to stop the bleeding and restore some sense of stability to the markets.

By examining the rhetoric of Obama both during the previous election cycle and again following his inauguration we see a pattern that points to his preconceived desire to bring us all to the precipice, and quite possibly drag us all down into the economic abyss. Never before have we been witness to someone who so deliberately sought to spread fear and anxiousness while at the same time promoting hope and deliverance. In the past, with other collectivists of the same stripe, one could have attributed such rhetoric simply to the desire to stoke the fear of the masses in hopes of simply acquiring a grip on power, but in the case of Obama it would appear that his actions are several degrees more nefarious and destructive in their intent. This can be demonstrated by the fact that once he and his merry band of despots in the Democratic Party had secured a strangle hold upon the reigns of power he did not alter his rhetoric in hopes of steering the economy away from the chasm that now lay before us, nay, instead he increased the level of pessimism in his tone and word in the apparent hopes of accelerating our collective demise. For someone who rode the white horse of hope into the Oval office he seemed more than willing to sow the seeds of fear and resentment all in hopes of reaping the caustic crop they now produce. Every time this false messiah uttered one word, every time he proposed any policy, every time he offered any suggestion that might be viewed as an approach towards attempting to meddle with the capitalist structure, the markets reacted violently, dropping precipitously and reinforcing the panic to which the average investor is subject to fall prey. Never once was there any attempt to offer any words of optimism or genuine hope to those who willingly risk their hard earn capital in hopes of turning a profit for the sake of society as a whole. No he only offered the bitter draught of pessimism, fear, and panic.

Can any answer other than an artificial inflation of the then already present panic lend itself to the tenants of logic and reason than to believe that the current state of affairs is the result a conscious attempt to thwart the capitalist system and besmirch its potential? What we are witnessing is the intentional infliction of economic suffering upon the citizenry in a veiled attempt to enslave each and every one of us with the chains of universal brotherhood and blind socialism. If this be true, and as it stands on its face it would appear to be so, this represents the highest form of deception and treachery ever exhibited by an executive in the history of the republic. These are historic times when one realizes that we now have someone ensconced in power who so loathes the economic prosperity enjoyed by the producers of this great nation that he is willing to purposely destroy the very engine that creates wealth and prosperity in hopes of leveling the playing field and thereby reducing each and everyone of us to poverty and eventually slavery. To Obama this is a virtue of the highest order, but to those of us who are counted amongst the remaining free thinkers this is nothing more than pure treason.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Despotism - The Liberal Assault on Limbaugh

As if the current economic turmoil were not enough to keep Obama and his lack luster staff of sycophants and moochers busy these days, running from press briefing to press briefing in what would appear to be an organized effort to drive the economy into an even deeper hole than its already in, reports are now circulating that senior White House aids are intimately involved in the effort to destroy the de facto spokesperson for today’s conservative movement, Rush Limbaugh. The mere fact that White House officials are involved in any attempt to destroy the career or reputation of a private citizen for what he has the audacity to say should send shivers down the spine of any freedom loving citizen and makes them seethe with anger. Make no mistake; this is not only an assault on what Limbaugh says, but his ability to say it, and by attempting to undermine his ability to communicate his message they are engaged in the very act of tyranny this republic was established to oppose.

Is there any doubt now that what Obama and his merry band of fools are engaged in is nothing more than a soft revolution that is intended to destroy the very fabric of this nation and replace it with a dictatorship clad in the cloth of faux democracy. By targeting the loudest and harshest critic of their plan team Obama betray their diabolical intent to stifle free speech and decent and strike fear into anyone who has the nerve to stand up against their American form of despotism. They seek only to destroy anyone who stands in their path and by targeting the biggest and the loudest one amongst us they intent to make an example of anyone who is foolish enough to oppose their quickening march to collectivism.

It must be understood that this is an assault on the rights of a free citizen to criticize and oppose the policies and actions of their elected government. Obama has never before faced harsh opposition to his policies, whether it be as President of the Harvard Law Review or as a member of some community organization designed to destroy the foundation of the inner cities by spreading socialism and government dependency, and now that he does he feels that it must be squelched. Throughout his entire career he has been handled with kid gloves by those around him, bowing to his every wish as if he were some sort modern day Xerxes, a man-god incarnate, to be obeyed, feared, and revered. This is displayed by his reaction to the voices of opposition and his earnest drive to shut them up out of fear that they might succeed in reaching the ear of the masses and whisper the blasphemous truth that Obama is mere mortal with corrupt policies and disastrous intentions.

Throughout the entire eight years of the Bush administration we heard repeated cries that the first amendment was under assault and the very foundation of our liberties were threatened, and never once did they produce one citizen who could even claim that he was the target of unconstitutional attacks on his right to free speech. These claims were heralded from the mountain tops as media personalities such as Chris Mathews and his ilk wrung their hands and shed crocodile tears in hopes that they could facilitate the impeachment the so cravenly desired but were never able to achieve. What do they do now that a private citizen and his right to freely express his opposition to this monstrous new administration are under attack in an attempt to silence him and all critics? Do they rush to his defense? Do they stand up against tyranny and demand justice? No, they join in the attack acting as the edge of the knife as it is used to slit the throat of their opposition. They act in unison with those despots who threaten to undermine the very basis of their way of life. They, compelled by some sort of subconscious self loathing, join in attacking the very freedoms that allow them to conduct their business, all in hopes of furthering their common agenda of implementing socialism and thereby control over the individual.

This is an attack on what Limbaugh says and his right to say it. They cannot tolerate anyone who dares to oppose their drive for universal control conceived in the darkest reaches of history past. Yet Limbaugh continues to resist. There he stands as one of the last amongst that once lauded profession whose tradition was steeped in revelation of the truth and has now sunk to the level of an Olberman or a Maddow. Unwilling to bow before the throne of Obama or kiss the ring of his minions he has fallen under the coordinated assault of what was once, not long ago, the abode of humility and freedom but has now become the domain of the corrupt tyrant.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthdat President Reagan!

Today marks the 98th anniversary of the birth of the greatest American President since Lincoln, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Rising from humble beginnings in Tampico, Illinois he would go on to become the guiding light of the conservative movement. Always a champion of individual rights and free market capitalism Reagan proved, following four disastrous years of the Carter administration marked by economic recession and general malaise, that America could once again become the America that the founders had intended. Always delivering a message of optimism and confidence in the latent power possessed by each and every American he demonstrated that through hard work and determination we could overcome any obstacle that stood in our way. Reagan, through his positive message and deliberate actions, has become the archetype for the modern conservative, representing honor, conviction, and certainty in our cause. This mountain of a man stands alone as one who restored the faith of all Americans in the potential and greatness of their country when we had lost all sight of who we are and what we could become.

Happy Birthday Mr. President, we sure as hell could use you today!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Envy and the Intellectual Deficit of the Collectivist

Editorial Note: This piece is being reprinted from a recent edition of The Individual which is published regularly by the Society for Individual Freedom. While elements of it have appeared in other forms on this blog I felt it necessary to reprint the entire work so that the familiar elements may be understood within the entire context. In deference to the Nigel Meeks, the editor of The Individual and his staff, I have delayed posting the entire essay until publication. I would like to sincerely thank Nigel for all of the help and direction he provided in through its composition and would encourage everyone to visit their site at The Society for Individual Freedom

“Sin” and the condition of Man
Man’s life can be summed up as the never ending desire to fulfill certain basic needs. As I am sure that the majority of the readers are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I will not waste my time in recalling all of the various nuances involved when discussing these motivating factors. It shall suffice to say that man is driven by want, in his most elemental form he is compelled to quench his desires by the means at his disposal, weather it be industriousness or villainy. The yearning to calm this insatiable beast that forever hounds mankind lends itself to frustration, in part to its never ending pull on the soul of mankind. The end result of this frustration manifests itself in that emotion all too common to man, envy. Much has been written about envy and the power it possesses over man; its ability to blind one out of lust or its detrimental effect on everyday social relationships. Although envy is counted amongst Christianity’s seven deadly sins and universally condemned by religious institutions of all denominations for its adverse affect on the human spirit, the positive effects of envy on man are often ignored despite its beneficial service to those in possession of a superior intellect. The purpose of this discussion is to not only touch upon the negative affects of envy on man, and they are legion, but the power it possesses to motivate man to strive towards a better existence as well as the root mechanisms inherent in the human psyche which manifest said emotion.The negative effect produced by the presence of envy is most pronounced in the man of a lesser intellectual character and the poor who, despite their potential, often fall prey to its devices. As it is, most men fall under these categories, lacking not only the intellectual but the moral understanding of the most effective and satisfying manner in which to gratify their primal needs. It is in these poor wretches that envy takes on its most insidious character, driving men to the depths of moral depredation. In this sort of man instead of utilizing his own means to procure the fulfillment needed to satisfy the urges of the will, he often resorts to nefarious means to thwart his frustrations. As a substitute for industry he turns to the numerous deprivations open to him; gambling, intoxicants, theft, violence, and the sensual pleasures are all that he feels are available to quench the thirst of his will.

I am of the opinion that this is where the perception of envy as sin originates; not in the actual act of envy, but in man’s resultant actions. Men are generally lazy creatures and will often seek the path of least resistance in their drive to fulfill their wants and needs. Therefore in the expedition of life undertaken by every man to stoke this fire within, those who lack that rare balance of will and intellect often succumb to the more easily obtained methods to satisfy their desires. Resulting from his lack of intellect he will often pursue means deemed socially and religiously immoral. While the end result may truly be detrimental to the social order and in the eyes of those who profess to be religious, deemed a sin, the bare emotion of envy is not to be blamed for the despicable action itself. This is a misguided verdict on the part of theologians and moralist of all denominations, as the will to action does not lie at the root of man’s sin. It is the misguided deed, resulting from the absence of the tempering character of the intellect, functioning as a moral guide, which rests as the true source of his corruption. Men predisposed to these means are just as guilty of the sin of ignorance and malice of forethought as they are to any number of condemnations pronounced by the clergy. To blame it on envy alone is to deny that the emotion, or reaction, provoked by envy has no redeeming character in the slightest.

Envy as a Force for Good
What of the morally righteous man? How does envy affect those amongst us who possess a superior intellect enabling him to apply reason and rationality in his quest to satisfy his will? In men of this stripe we remarkably find that envy produces an effect the complete polar opposite as that of the wretch. In the man of intellect we see that envy causes him not to indulge in the ills of society, but instead provides the impetus to increase his production thereby elevating society as a whole. When he encounters others who possess more than he, rather than fall into a state of frustration which leads to anger, he determines to eclipse them through the exertion of his will, combined with intellect, as opposed to succumbing to it. This pursuit in and of it self extinguishes some degree of desire induced by the will for he feel satisfaction in the quest itself, and what desire remains is pleased upon the attainment of his goals. Envy serves as a motivational force in this man as opposed to the destructive or malicious compulsions we observe in the lesser. In the superior man of intellect envy is not a vice, but a virtue, one capable of compelling man to achieve his dreams and in turn elevating the overall plight of society. He depends not upon others to provide the satisfaction his will requires, and instead seeks out methods of his own accord to provide what he needs.

In men of this character the will is balanced against the intellect and both form the complementary elements of a symbiotic relationship. The will thrives as its desires are met and fulfilled while the intellect is free to guide man through his undertakings. Through his pursuit to satisfy his will and its resultant desires he is bound by the tempering effects of the intellect and the moral impetus it places on one’s actions. It is precisely at this point that the differences between the educated man and the man of meager intellectual powers become most evident as it produces a stark difference in the course of action each respectively assume. The intellect serves to modify the behavior of the will through the previously mentioned faculties of reason and rationality, elements sorely missing from those lacking in intellect. It allows him to judiciously evaluate various courses of action and determine the one best suited to soothe the will while holding true to his responsibilities to society as a whole, and his fellow man as individuals. He is bound through the power of the intellect to act in a morally responsible manner while at the same time he is driven to peruse his self interests through a similar approach. Sadly because of the huge disparity in numbers between those who are subject to the woes of envy and those who are amongst the benefactors of its influence, the general tendency is to ascribe to it a negative connotation. In the general sense this could be true, but to do so vanquish the positive effects it often carries and causes the inspiration inherent to its positive character to be ignored.

The Malign Influence of Collectivism
The only excuse that can be made for those present day philosophers and moralists who openly condemn and harangue the virtues of envy rest in the realization that they simply cannot recognize it from within their own ideologically determined frame of reference. To the collectivist envy lies at the heart of all the evils inherent in capitalism, and all those who profess to its positive characteristics must be blinded by their greed and lack of concern for their fellow man. While pointing this crooked finger of accusation squarely at the motivations of the individual the collectivist fails to see the contradiction produced by their faulty logic. All of their actions from inception are the end result of the negative characteristic of envy and its domination over the intellect. The entire premise of the collectivist philosophy, both root and branch, demonstrate for all to see the malignant attributes from which envy, in its unrestrained form, derive its malevolent reputation. Collectivism is simply envy on a political scale for it seeks to right the perceived deficiencies of want on a social level through the immoral act of unjustly confiscating property from the individual and redistributing it across the social strata. Here most assuredly lies the underlying reason envy is held in such contempt by those who have been ordained as today’s great thinkers, as it lays before all free thinking men the hypocrisy of their position.

It too betrays the general powers of the intellect possessed by those who adhere to collectivist philosophies, as it presents the central truth that emotion, chiefly that of envy can easily overwhelm and disarm the powers of the intellect at their disposal. Emotion often trumps the intellect in men of this strip as they often seek to assuage the self imposed guilt resulting from an overindulgence of the will by relying on emotion as a moral compass. The intellect is left to wither on the vine, so to speak, and the will is nourished by any means at their disposal; for its ability to motivate far outweighs what meager resistance its mirror image may still possess. In reality all of their miseries and torments are self inflicted as they neglect any inner yearning or calling to develop the intellect and instead focus on satisfying the primal urges of the will. As a result that mechanism of moral reasoning inherent in the expression of the intellect is absent from the decision-making of the collectivist. Emotion, that spiritual residue exuded by the will, influences every action while rationality and reason, the twin progeny of the intellect, have only marginal influence, if any at all, in the matter.

No Pity for the Poor
It is for this reason that I harbor no pity for the poor in the world today, and in fact hold the vast majority of them in great contempt. The act of neglecting the intellect is reprehensible on various levels, but for the sake of our discussion we must focus on its effect on the motivation of men who suffer from its deficiencies. Please forgive me, but I no longer have the patience to deal with those who wish to remain mired in the lowest depths of the social order. Are there not means available to these people who perpetually contend for the scraps from the table of those of those who contribute to the betterment of our world? This is not to say that I have no compassion for those who are infirmed, whether it be in a mental capacity, those suffering permanent injury to their persons, or those who, now beset by the ravages of old age have fallen into poverty. No, it is not these poor souls of which I am speaking of when I condemn the poor, it is those amongst this division of society who crave not advancement or a better life for themselves but are content to permanently siphon wealth from the upper reaches of the ladder. These dregs are, in my opinion, to be held in the highest form of contempt.

In the lives of the poor the intellect is universally sacrificed at the expense of the impetus of the will. To those who are mired in the depths of poverty the intellect is of no concern for they have been programmed through various nefarious devices that the powers of the intellect are reserved only for those upon whom nature has endowed with a powerful mind and who possess the inherent ability to cultivate it. They all too often fail to understand that they alone possess the ability to strengthen the intellect as the force of their will is all but irresistible. The drive to feed the will becomes all encompassing as its appeasement is artificially achieved through physical pleasures easily obtained in the modern world. They become creatures of their will as it becomes stronger; all the while, through their self imposed distain for any stimuli that might energize the intellect their minds become all the weaker. They, as a social class, suffer from a chronic deficit of self respect and lack the motivation to elevate themselves and develop the means by which they can succeed and contribute to society.

What affliction causes a man to sit for hours on end idly passing the time caring not for what he can contribute to our world and instead expends a tremendous amount of effort into devising new and original ways to defraud the rest of us? Has he no self respect, no drive that motivates him to succeed. The tools are there if he were to only seize them with his own hands and use them in a constructive manner. How sad it must be to lack the basic motivations inherent in the simplest creatures who determine to not provide for themselves and instead depend upon others to provide their basic sustenance. But does the blame rest solely upon their shoulders, or are there more treacherous actions afoot?

Collectivism: The Enemy of the Poor
The argument could be made that those capable of productive contributions to the social order are held bound in their dire circumstances by forces who are content to exploit their misery for political gain. Yes, in a sense the poor are victims, but not of the sort most in positions of power would have you believe. They are victims not of exploitation by the wealthy, but by those of the collectivist mindset who wish to manipulate their suffering into successes at the ballot box. The collectivists are more than willing to talk from both sides of their mouth. One voice cries out for compassion and government sponsored charity, while the other whispers behind the closed doors of the party offices that these people are their path to power and control, and that they must keep them subjugated long enough so that their corpses can line their road power. They promise everything and deliver nothing, again and again, nothing. Strangely enough the poor continue to flock to these charlatans, believing every lie that they are told, despite the fact that they have been told the same thing time and time again, yet they remain in their desperate situation.
Absent are reason and rationality and in their place exist only unfettered envy and hatred for those who possess slightly more than they themselves possess. This represents the most vivid example of the negative characteristics of envy, as it exists within a moral vacuum devoid of the intellect. The poor are not in possession of the tools necessary to reach the realization that they are simply objects by which the collectivist can fashion their misguided utopian delusion. Those in power will never lift a finger to help elevate the poor, either economically or in matters of the intellect, as they are too valuable in the pursuit of their end goal. To break free of the philosophies that hold them in their position of poverty and misery the poor must not only strengthen their intellect but, more importantly, begin to question the basic premise of the collectivist ideology. Without this individual rebellion against what they incorrectly perceive as justice they will forever remain bound in their deplorable state and entertain no possibility of rectifying it.

It is for this reason that the poor deserve contempt. Not out of the sheer fact that they possess no wealth, but because the do not possess the wherewithal to realize a lie when told to them, even more so when told to them multiple times. Blinded by unrestrained envy for those amongst us who produce and consume by the sweat of our brow, they are unwilling to break free from the collectivist chains that bind their minds shut and seek a way other than state sponsored assistance to alleviate their suffering. These poor wicked fools deserve everything that they have, nothing, and despite all of the promises made by their master, that is all that they will ever have. I do not shed a tear for their plight; no I shed a tear for their idiocy and lack of self respect. I pity the poor not because of what they lack but for what they cannot see. Before them lie untold opportunities available to all men in a free society, yet they are unwilling to seize upon them because it is all too easy to sit and wait for the productive members of society to pull them along. They sit and consume promises of equality and wealth if only they continue to despise those who possess more, but theses dreams are never fulfilled. Until these hapless simpletons desist in their self inflicted misery I shall offer no compassion and continue to heap contempt by the score upon their plight.

Breaking the Shackles

It must be made clear to all that while the deficiencies of the intellect that plague the collectivist, and those who they seek to influence, are responsible, to a considerable degree, for the error in their philosophy, it alone can not account for their delusion as a whole. Other factors stemming from their defective epistemology as well as their flawed logic produce any number of foolish assumptions about society and man in general. That being said their deficit in intellect does lie at the root of their affliction and dissatisfaction for it clouds their ontological perspective while at the same time it corrupts their moral understanding of the world in which we live. They are content to live under the cloud of false assumptions and emotionally driven morality and seek no cure for their malady. To the collectivist there exists no deficit of the intellect, for from their perspective they are the sole repository of intellectual thought in the world today. Sadly it is this false premise which prevents them from developing and nurturing the intellect to a degree from which they can construct and implement a sound moral structure that will free them from the shackles of ignorance and deliver them into enlightenment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Government Sponsored Blackmail

Today marks a grave day in the history of the republic, for it ushers in a new era of despotism unlike any other that has come before. Today, Mr. Obama proclaimed the end of American capitalism as we know it by ordering that any company that is the recipient of funds from the massive government bailout will cap executive compensation at a paltry $500,000 a year. While today these caps are intended solely for the recipients of government assistance is there any doubt that this is just an effort to prep the field so that future restrictions on free enterprise can be implemented? In doing so Mr. Obama now proves that we have an administration that is actively engaging in and encouraging the practice of government sponsored blackmail, plain and simple. This is a form of treachery which until now has resided only in those underdeveloped nations who exist far from our shores, where despotism and fear rule the day and man trembles in the shadow of an all powerful dictator. Obama has now set himself up as arbiter and pay master for any company foolish enough to seek assistance from the federal government, regardless of their abilities and performance. As such he now intends to use your tax dollars, stolen from your wallet on a regularly scheduled basis, for far more nefarious ends than any incompetent corporate executive could ever dream, for once he has set the scale by which a man is rewarded for his ability he in essence becomes its master.

I for one, as did many of you, opposed the government bailout any troubled industry as it represented an anathema to any true capitalist. I proclaimed “Let them fall!” all of them, let the chips fall where they may. But no one listened to our cries, no one dared to read the writing on the wall telling us that government intervention in the market place of any kind was a disaster in the making. We can all see now where intervention of this sort leads. It opens the door to the suppression of freedoms and allows government free reign to overstep its boundaries, as it always does, crushing the individual under the unbearable weight of the collective. Now today we see where it has gotten us. Through begging the government for a handout, a life raft, a bailout, so that we may stay afloat for just a few seconds longer we have arrived at the point where the boot heel of the federal government rests on the throats of numerous companies as it demands that it do as it is told or else face the consequences. Squeezing it ever tighter, cutting off the ability of the company to breath, to function as it sees fit, until eventually it either succumbs to forced nationalization or ceases to exist.

The audacity of this fool headed man to think that he alone can decide the manner in which someone can be compensated for their efforts. It represents the height of arrogance and tyranny. That one could simply supplant his will over the will of others who are more informed of the circumstances surrounding the functioning of these various interests than he. What has Obama ever done to earn a dollar other than lie and obfuscate? Has he ever done an honest days work in his life? No, he has not, and he most likely never will. All this petulant fool has ever done was lecture and agitate the rabble who were ignorant enough to be taken in by his socialist drivel in their collective pursuit to remake this country in their image. Never once has he ever been responsible for making payroll. Never once has he been responsible for seeking out talent in order to increase a company’s ability to more efficiently produce. Never, not once, has Mr. Obama been forced to make the hard decision in which the success and failure of hundreds and thousands of individuals rest in the balance. That is until now, and we can all see what a wonderfully competent job he is doing, stumbling to and fro issuing directives and executive orders and pretending, as a child on the playground would do caught up in a moment of delightful fantasy, that he is God and king, arbiter of all and ruler of everything he surveys.

By single handedly placing a limit on the ability for these corporate executives to be justly rewarded for their successes, or in many cases failures, Obama has effectively denied the ability of these already troubled companies to pull themselves out of their fiscal morass by saddling them with a management team who has no incentive to do anything but fail. What corporate executive worth his salt would be willing to sacrifice everything he has ever achieved in order to work for literally peanuts by order of the federal the government? There is no incentive for these men to succeed, only to spin ones wheels and mark the slow steady digression into bankruptcy and calamity at the merciless hands of the federal bureaucracy. What is to be left for these struggling companies once the most able amongst them realize that they can simply walk out and peruse more lucrative careers with other companies not forced to grovel at Obama’s feet. Will they simply make the most foolish of decisions and destroy themselves for the good of the company in some grotesque demonstration of altruistic sacrifice, or will they simply peruse other means by which they are justly rewarded? There can be no doubt of what course of action they will take. Obama is sealing their fate, whether it be intentional or just some hapless circumstance that he has bumbled into remains the question. What is certain though is that the only ones who stand to gain from this egregious assault on the capitalist system is the federal government, and you can rest assured that with the Liberal Democrats in power it will be exploited for all its worth, at a cost to us all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Foxes Are in the Hen House

It is now clearly apparent to any one willing to make an objective assessment of those chosen by Obama to comprise his cabinet that never before has there been a more immoral group of criminals nominated to such lofty posts in our history. Contrary to all of the claims heralding the dawn of an age of responsibility those whom the liberal messiah has chosen to surround himself with represents the typical elitist who dominate the so called progressive movement. This sort double standard is typical operating procedure for this group of scandalous do-nothings whose only pursuit in life would appear to be contriving ways to siphon wealth away from the producers so that they can distribute it amongst the dregs of society in order to garner themselves just one more vote. As they sit ensconced in the robes of authority and influence they imagine that the very laws with which they burden the creator of wealth simply have no meaning for those who occupy such lofty positions. The very people who Obama, in his blind obstinacy, has chosen to enforce the laws of the land are themselves guilty of their most egregious violations, violations which if committed by the average citizen would be met with financial devastation at the hands of the IRS and the sting of the jailers lash.

Once again we are confronted with a contradiction of such colossal proportions that it evokes a cynicism so profound that one is left awestruck by their audaciousness. If it be true - and mind you I don’t for one second grant them the validity they claim for their arguments – that it is a patriotic virtue to allow the powers that be to confiscate, literally at gunpoint, the hard earned capital of the average citizen, then what does that say about those who are now poised to occupy the secretariat of these powerful cabinet positions? By the very standards, upheld and proclaimed by the most powerful voices in the land, these criminals are absent of any virtue and thereby unqualified to hold their positions. Again we have a group of people who in condescending tones preach to us the virtues of paying our “fair share” while they themselves simply neglect, or as they claim “forget”, to bear their share of the burden. They then have the audacity to stand before us and claim that we, the rightful owners of the wealth produced by our very hands, are the ones who are lacking in virtue because we resist when unreasonable demands are placed on our pocketbooks and threaten us with ruin and imprisonment if we continue to resist.

To these ravenous souls, lead astray by a false epistemology of envy and contempt for the creators of wealth, the sole purpose of government is to decide who is to succeed and who is to be penalized for their success. They are the petulant offspring of an order so old that time itself has forgotten that their origin lie tangled amongst the incestuous forebears of the despots and autocrats of old who sought to control wealth and distribute it to those whose influence was necessary to maintain their stranglehold on power, and thus the individual. They are the destroyers of freedom through their consumption of honestly earned wealth, who in the name of fairness have elevated themselves to a position of prominence so powerful that they become the arbiters of success and failure and thereby hold sway over the masses who wish to suckle at the festering teat of government and its allowances. All the while they themselves refuse to strike a lick in order to honestly create even the slightest speck of wealth but exist only to seize yours and miraculously transform it into public consensus that favors their position.

How fraudulent is it for a man, Timothy Geithner, who has openly admitted, under oath before a Senate Confirmation hearing, to neglecting to pay taxes, not for one year, but for several, to be easily confirmed as Treasury Secretary. The very body that has been charged with the confiscation of tax dollars from honest working Americans is now to be headed by someone who is either too stupid to realize that is indebted to the government to pay his “fair share”, or to corrupt to do so. Either way he is unfit to serve as Cabinet Secretary and one must deduce by the ease at which he was confirmed that his actions are either condoned by the Senate and the current Administration or are to be forgiven by such based solely on his favorable standing amongst its members. Whatever the circumstances be they embody the corrupt nature of the politicians currently in office and their blatant flouting of the law in deference to status and power. Any one amongst us who would be guilty of the same crime would be hanged from the gallows and mocked by the media as a greedy capitalist for daring to hold back one red cent of our hard earned wealth from the all consuming hoards. Yet Mr. Geithner, who, guilty as confessed, is free to go about the very business of confiscating more and more wealth from the producers as if his crime were a badge of honor entitling to all the rights, lights, and benefits of unfettered power.

And what of our friend Mr. Daschle, that soft spoken archetype for the compassionate progressive politician, who, for six long years, sought to undermine every pro capitalist piece of legislation that presented itself before the esteemed Senator? It now appears that he too is involved in a case of failing to pay his taxes. Yes it is easy to believe that this dunce could have easily fallen prey to his lack of intellect or become confused by the complexity of the tax code that the average citizen expected to comprehend, but is to be forgiven by the repeated claims to his importance to the administration and nation? He too is a petty criminal who, through influence and pull has sought to simply gloss over his supposed oversight in deference to the well being of the country as a whole, a tactic sure to be exploited through the accompanying cries of “Economic Meltdown” and “Fiscal Crisis”. They expect us to sit like fools in the corner awaiting the final act preformed in that three ring circus they call Washington and, once the curtain falls on our prosperity, they demand that we stand and applaud and call for an encore, which they will most assuredly produce for us – a farce of socialist policies that will chain us to our forsaken brethren for ages to come.

As if all this were not enough today, this very morning, amidst all of the controversy surrounding Geithner and Daschle we learn that Nancy Killefer, chosen as Obama’s “Performance Czar” has tax issues of her own. Again does this not demonstrate perfectly for all of us to see that Obama has neither the judgment nor the mental resources that is required for the office he now holds? His ability to chose people truly qualified for their positions have time and time again proven to be faulty and, in some cases dangerous. Yet no one, but the courageous few are willing to call him on it.

The foxes are now in the hen house, and there are precious few to stop them before their deed is done. They have crept in under the cover of darkness and, with fangs bare, sought out the golden goose in order to devour it in the name of fairness. Their lips stained by the blood of justice and virtue in order to quench their desire for the collective good.
Once their endeavor is done and the source of all prosperity lies dead before them where will they turn in order to satisfy their blood lust? Once they have destroyed all prosperity in the pursuit of universal fairness will they cease they destructiveness or will the not rest and drive the nation into further collapse and turmoil.
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